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Dear LouSal Enterprises,

I just wanted to tell you how AMAZING this stuff is!! I had terrible contact dermatitis everywhere on my face where my mask touched my skin from using my CPAP machine. My skin was itchy, rough, bright red and starting to crack and bleed. I had tried Vaseline during the day but it really didn’t help. I also couldn’t use it while using my CPAP because it has petroleum in it. I was getting disgusted and depressed about how my face looked and was also having to go without using my mask at times to give my face a break. My face was like this for about a month until I came across your web-site while looking for a solution.

I started applying your CPAP Moisture Therapy 3 times a day. By the end of the first day, my skin was less red and less itchy. By the end of one week, my face was almost completely healed except for one patch. After a week and a half, my face was completely normal. My skin went from cracking and bleeding to soft and smooth in less than 2 weeks! No more rough, red skin! In addition, the pressure marks from my mask that used to last all day are no longer a problem either. Now I just apply the moisturizer at bedtime before I begin my CPAP therapy and my marvelous results are maintained.

I don’t know who came up with this product, but whoever it is, I thank them from the bottom of my heart for introducing a product that has changed my life. Finally there’s someone who understands the needs of people with CPAP machines.


Cheryl M.

Dear Sir,

My wife has used her CPAP for over a year and has experienced painful skin irritation and redness around the nasal area and the facial area where the mask touches her skin. After recently moving to the York, PA area, she had to have her settings checked and also establish a new relationship with a doctor in the area. On her visit, my wife asked the doctor if it was alright to use Vaseline to lubricate her nose to minimize her symptoms. The doctor said “No” because Vaseline has petroleum in it and could also cause the CPAP mask to deteriorate.

Upon leaving his office, the doctor gave my wife a few samples of your CPAP Moisture Therapy. She tried the cream and her painful skin irritation in the mornings are “NO MORE”! We recently ordered her first two tubes of your product and she has been very pleased with the results.

Thank You!

Jean and Richard K.

To Whom It May Concern,

I have been using my CPAP full mask since November of ‘06 and have had constant problems with dents in my face and sore spots. My respiratory therapists gave me some samples of your CPAP Moisture Therapy and it has worked miracles on my face. How do I order some? I am so thrilled with the success that I’ve had with just two applications.

Thank you so much!

Dolly E.

Click here to read what patients are saying about RoEzIt Dermal Care

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